Sunday, January 20, 2008


Inspiration for your big day can come from any where. It is good to start with a theme or look so that as you plan everything comes together under that idea. For my wedding the inspiration is the stationary my fiance's mother gave me on her return from Italy. The beautiful Florentine paper was the same paper my mother gave to me when I was ten years old and I still cherish it today. The paper is gorgeous with its gilded gold and floral pattern. I plan on using this paper as the center piece of my invitations, color pallet and inspiration for a"La Dolce Vita" wedding. (or maybe Italian winter Garden?).

Find your inspiration from a specific dress, paper, china pattern, just about anything; image a Honey themed wedding with a warm yellow color pallet and very sweet party favors. It could even be your dog you purchased together as a couple! A harlequin black and white Great Dane would be a wonderful inspiration for a formal black and white wedding.

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