Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hump Day Honeymoon ~ Bora Bora

Having your honeymoon on one of the 118 French Polynesian Islands is a dream for many brides. Bora Bora is most know for the beautiful floating cottages. One of the most stunning resorts in Bora Bora is the Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa. This resort is located in a lagoon! It is 16 acres of oasis and has more than 120 villas. No need to book a snorking excursion when you can snorkle off your own private swiming deck. Be sure to enjoy the Mandara Spa and treat yourself to a Papaya Sugar Body Glow, where they use locally grown papaya, sugar and vanilla to exfoliate.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Zen ~ Staying out of Wedding Debt

"The average wedding in the United States cost over $24,000- that's about $5,000 per hour.

Money-specifically debt- is on of the major sources of stress for married couples. The Buddha knew that desire led to suffering, but even he couldn't have imgained the wedding loans that some banks offer. Or the havoc compound interest can wreak on your future financial plans, such as buying a car or hour or starting a family.

To Avoid debt, concentrate on what's really important as you plan your wedding: making your vows with your partner, and celebrating with your family and friends. Right? (Right?) Your wedding is about your future. Don't mortgage your future for just one day."

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cinderella's Advice

"One shoe can change your life" ~ Cinderella.

Your brides maids are most likely NEVER gonna wear their dress again, but if you pick super cute shoes!!!! Well that can change the story of being a bridesmaid. When picking out your girls shoes think Carrie Bradshaw and make sure the shoes say "Hello Lover" right back!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Atlantan Brides- A night of Bridal Luxury

I'm so sorry I haven't posted pictures or even said anything about this event.

The Atlantan Bride Magazine hosted a "Night of Bridal Luxury" at the Mason Muere arts gallery and I was asked to help with the coordination of models and the random backstage things that pop up. (like finding a ring box, calling the wedding dress companies, finding models, and watching the backstage access). I had so much fun! I love working with Terrance Shelton (my friend and fashion show director). He is an amazing gentleman. (check him out- he sings at the Buckhead Church). Anyways back to the event. The fashion show included dresses from Wedding Angels (the ladies there are super sweet), Priscilla of Boston, and Anne Barge. Being in the process of planning my wedding it was like a candy shop back stage for me! I just looked at all the BEAUTIFUL dresses and wished I had the thousands of $$$ it would take to buy them. Poor me! Also at the event was Infinite Designs, who did lighting and staging, Legendary event catering, bakers man, and many more. Guest were some of the bridal elite of Atlanta and some of the best wedding planners/catering managers in the state. Even Brian from the 4 seasons was there- he is a sweet heart! Here are some pictures from the party! (sorry that I don't have more my camera died, but as soon as my new friend I made uploads her pictures I will add a second helping!)

I fell in love with this hydragean bouquet. It really stood out against the white wedding gowns.

Close up of one of the center peices
The ghost table- just kidding! It did seem to float with the table lit up and the sheer chair covers.
Some other floral arrangements and table settings...
Orchids for the Brides
Now for the Gowns!!!
Priscilla or Boston (all above)
This was my favorite dress...
Yes this is a grey dress and it was stunning..
Wedding Angels
Last but not least... the SWAG bag. It had a ton of stuff in it and was valued at $3000! It had free hair appointments, $1000 off catering, chocolate, a garter, soap, a vase... and the list goes on!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lula's Love Lula's

So anything that has "Lula" as the name I pretty much become a 100% fan.

While at the spa yesterday (yes I want to rub that in). I was looking through a bridal magazine and saw LulaKateBridal. They have clean, crisp bridesmaid's dresses in a TON of colors. The lines are simple (but isn't that what you want?). The dresses on the website are mostly silk and taffeta, but they do have other fabrics and colors available on request ~ in case you want things really Matchy/Matchy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Perfectly in Love with Tulips

My fiance has amazing tulips at his apartment complex. Here are few pictures of tulips for your wedding. They are so pretty for a spring wedding. They come in a HUGE variety of colors, everything from pastel to bright pink and orange. Tulips are traditionally know for symbolizing Perfect Love. AWE!
My only issue with them, used as bouquets for the wedding party, they need to be wrapped to the bottom, they tend to get sticky.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This one is for Becca-

I just know Becca will totally be rocking these!

Love it!
Wife Ville make super cute clothes for the new wife! These threads have been worn by many celebrities and I love sooo many of them and can't wait to place an order. Becca-I can totally see in you in the Prada Track Suit!
The swim suite, and well all of them would be great to have for the honeymoon!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Bride- Bride's Maids!

A lot of brides say that the bridesmaid's dress can be worn again, but any girl that has seen "27 Dresses" knows better. If you really want to take a green approach to the bridesmaids dresses avoid the bridal salons and go for the department stores cocktail dress section. The green approach is not wasting the money and resources for a one time wear only dress.

Scheduling a bridal party get together at the local Macy's or other department store to find a dress for everyone, then having drinks after can be a lot of fun. Also allowing your bride's maids to pick the dress that they feel comfortable in and that they can see wearing again helps save them money and the agony of wearing hot pink taffeta from their neck to their toes.

Check out these dresses, all the same color but different styles for all body types and budgets!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take a Seat

"Avoid a Seating Disaster -
If you're having a wedding without assigned tables you need to have 5 percent extra seating available. Not all of your guests will sit in perfect little pairs or all of the single people together. So if you have a wedding of 200 people, you'll want to have enough seating for 210. This buffer will save you some headaches."

From Better Homes and Gardens

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lets hear it for the Boys!

Here are some Groomsman's Gift Ideas.

Anything related to drinking is usually a good option. Check out a Beer of the Month Club, it will be a gift that will keep giving after the wedding. It can also be an excuse for the Guys together after the wedding to have beer night. Flask and Bar Accessories are also great drinking related gifts. Check out Red Envelope for great gifts!

For the sporty groomsman's, a Tee time and Monogrammed Golf Balls and Tees could be the perfect gift. Or you can purchase a package of tickets for your groomsman's favorite sporting events. Signed memorable is always a fun gift and can be purchased on sites online or at Field of Dreams at Lenox mall. For the reserved sports fans maybe some cuff links made out of the wood chairs from their favorite stadium.

For the Professional Groom's man a business card holder with a monogram could be the perfect gift. Or maybe since he is a such a traveling man he could use a grooming kit. I love the idea of monogrammed ties and they can even be worn on the big day.

For the more risky fun groom's man try personalized poker chips for the future poker nights. Or even gift cards to the hottest restaurants or night spots.

Maybe you have outdoorsy adventuresome groom's men that would like a monogrammed Swiss army knife. Or a wedding party outing to go ski diving?

Be sure to pamper and show your appreciation for the groom's men as much as the brides maids, schedule a spa day for the groomsman's to get a hot shave and a sports massage.


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