Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take me out to the Ball Game

Friday night my family and fiance enjoyed a Braves game at Turner Field. It has been a long time since I saw a baseball game and it was a lot of fun (even with a killer head cold). While watching the game I leaned into my fiance and mentioned that we could have had our wedding here. He looked at me like I was crazy, however in my head I think I ballpark wedding could be cute if maybe you met at the ballpark, or your first date was a braves game. Why not have your wedding be where maybe your fiance proposed on the jumbo-tron. So here is a photo board of a baseball theme wedding! Batter -up! Ideas: mini hamburger and hot dog pass hor'devours baseball card save the dates, team logo grooms cake, baseball cuff links, popcorn and peanut favors, autographed base ball seating cards, and a fire work exit.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My first wedding dissappointment

Since my Fiance is from New Orleans I want to incorporate a wedding tradition from his background. We are planning on doing the second line dance at the reception. My first thought was to have this almost mini Mardi Gra parade as our exit. I wanted to book the Seed and Feed Abominable to make for a fun, festive exit. Unfortunately they are not available on our wedding date. If you want a fun twist for your wedding music. Look into them. Just looking at these fun photos makes me very tempted to change me night.

Picture Perfect

I have become completely obssessed with photography in my journey of wedding planning. I stalk most wedding photographers blogs looking at their newest pictures. This has fed a growing folder of pictures on my computer of ideas and images I like and want to replicate. Below are a few engagement pictures I just adore and hope that our wonderful photographer Will Godfry can capture in a few weekends from now. All these pictures are from the internet, either photography blogs like 6 of Four Creations, Ben Vigil, Blue World Studios... others are knottie friends and college friends. If you would like me to make special note of a picture simply ask.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Its a Beautiful Morning!

My morning usually start like most others, I stumble from my bed still sleepy and disheveled into the bathroom. I usually start my morning routine in the light glow of the morning not ready to face anything too bright. It is usually after my first cup of morning tea that I start the process of washing my face and teeth and looking at myself in the mirror. I witnessed a miracle this morning when I looked at my face not yet washed and thought to myself "you look really pretty today". This was not a fluke, I didn't still have make up on from the night before. My face was clean and bright and 100% me and it was beautiful. How you may ask? I started 2008 off by using what some call the "miracle broth" I decided to use my Christmas bonus to purchase La Mar Radiance. (it was my first purchase of the magical line of facial potions). I choose the La Mar Radiance first because, well I was out of toner and this was a similar product and I was able to justify spending an absurd amount of money on something that I technically needed. I noticed a difference rather quickly. My skin seemed more even toned and my pores started to look smaller. I then purchased the eye concentrate, which I'm less impressed with. My most recent purchase as been the original item I have sought after for so long, the Creme La Mar. This super rich moisturizer seems like an instant luxury when you put it on. Though the price is steep I justified the purchase because I use such a small amount daily and after using it for several months it looks like it is almost a full jar. Again, I can see my skin looks fabulous! Though I still get my hormonal and dairy outbreaks around my chin, they clear up and my skin looks youthful, dewy and fresh. Treat yourself to something wonderful... if you need anymore justification think- its cheaper than a face lift!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's All About The Wedding

Yes it is!!!! So why not let everyone know. My mom actually made this cute plaque for my door. It is super wedding themed inlcuding, plenty of glitter, tulle, and emblishments. If you want one for yourself, they are also for sale on Esty and Ebay.


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