Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tea for two or two hundred

I have grown up in a house of tea drinkers. I have an antique tea cup collection and probably drink on average 5 cups of tea a day. I love finding new types of tea. It's a healthy alternative to coffee and there some unique flavors and varieties.

I really hope that every bride takes part in a traditional bridal tea. I have hosted a few and I love to give tea as favors.

Tea Forte make cute individual wrapped cone shaped tea bags. They have a wired stem (which is great to bend and hang on the side of your mug). They also make cute wedding favors if you have a cream and green color pallet. This is Oprah's favorite tea too!

I also love Mighty Leaf tea and teas from Teavana (Teavana sells loose tea so you will need to put them in tins). I used a Teavana loose tea for a bridal tea favor. I brewed a pot for the ladies then put the loose tea in small tins and wrapped in a tulle.

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Evie said...

check them out. my fiance got me hooked on them!


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