Thursday, October 1, 2009

LOVE THIS! ~ Wishing Wall

A lot of brides are finding new trendy alternatives to guest books. I love the idea of this Wishing Wall. Guest can write sweet wishes on the little notes and stick them in this fun "wall".. the wishing wall has 500 slots so there is plenty of space for a big wedding too. I think it would be cute to read a wish every day once you return from the honeymoon. Then once you have read them all turn your wishing wall into a gratitude wall. When your spouse (or if your starting a family) does something you're thankful for, or just want to let them know the small thing they did meant a lot. (like bringing you a pumpkin spice latte to work, since he knows you're having a bad day) You can write it on a little note and stick it in a space, then set aside quite time to read the notes to each other. YAY! So cute.

Available through Which I love this site and their catalog its great for finding gifts for those that are hard to shop for :)

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