Monday, March 31, 2008

Wedding Zen "The Myth of the Perfect Wedding"

"Sometimes our longing for the "perfect" wedding leads to frustration. We invest so much in the idea of the "the pefect day" that we imbue it with the power to give and take away our happiness.

No day can be perfect (although it can be perfectly wonderful). By trying to hard to make it so, we take all the life, joy, and spontaneity out of it, and we don't appreciate all teh moments leading up to it.

Remind yourself to notice the wonderful things that happen every day (even on the not-so-fantastic days). Each night, as you're going to sleep, think of at least five things- from silly to sublime- that happened during the day for which you're grateful. "


Sarah said...

I love this post!

Marie said...

I totally agree! Great Post!


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