Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spaaa Me! The Grove Park

I'm totally Spoiled! No spa will ever live up the experience I had at the Grove Park. Yes I was already on cloud nine because the evening before I got engaged, but nothing will ever equal this spa. Let me just explain a little bit about why this spa is so fabulous. When you enter the spa you are actually going into a cave like structure, featuring a waterfall. Once you check in, girls are escorted the private girls only side (boys have their side too!). The private area includes a very nicely appointed locker room, with fabulous showers, vanities (with every product you could possibly need). There is a lounge area outside the locker room with mineral water, healthy snacks, a fire place, leather arm chairs, books and magazines, a private veranda with hammock, and plenty more. If you go down the stairs of the private area there is a zen garden, steam sauna (infused with eucalyptus-I will own one of these someday), a dry aromatherapy sauna, a cold pool and a hot pool. If you go into the general area you will find several shared pools. The first is a lap pool, it has a canopy of stars over it to make you feel like you aren't really doing laps, but swimming in a hidden cave. The third pool is a mineral pool with under water music (I just floated- it was heaven). The mineral pool is surrounded by two hot tubs that include two hydro-massage waterfalls, no need for a massage if you stand under one of these. There is also an outdoor pool and grill area and another whirlpool. The treatment rooms are set apart in the depth of the spa. It was so calming and quite, and the treatment room area also included fire side lounges and water features. The spa treatments are also A Class. I haven't tried them all... but I'm looking forward to working my way through the menu as the years go by. I hope you book an appointment to have a wonderful experience as close to heaven as you can get.

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