Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stick and Stones

may break your bones- but these fun wedding designs are less likey to break your budget!

These pretty cyrstal tree could easily be made (best option is to take large fallen branches on your next hike or yard cleaning day. Spray paint silver (like the picture) or Gold, or leave it natural. You can purchase cyrstal in bulk online, or watch out for holiday sales and buy crystal garlands.

These trays would be pretty for a rustic wedding. Simply buy river rocks from your local hardwear or lawn care store. Find trays that match your decor, or while you are in the gardening section at your local discount store purchase pot saucers. Add votives and you have a pretty center piece.


Courtney said...

Hi there! I'm a (very) recently engaged bride-to-be in Atlanta, and I just found your blog while searching for photos of Christ the King Cathedral. It looks like you've got some great ideas going. Congrats! When is your wedding date?

lulabell said...

Congrats, Planning weddings are so much fun. If you need any advice on certain things, let me know and I will post a special blog just for you. Christ the King is BEAUTIFUL... and the women that help you plan your special day are very nice. If you are looking for more pictures of the church. Check out Ben Vigil photography. I think he is the King of Christ the King when it comes to photography- Gorgeous pictures. Also check out Matt Addock. Our wedding is set for April 25th 2009! I can't wait.


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