Saturday, November 15, 2008

Urban Chic Wedding

I can find inspiration anywhere. Honestly!! While shopping with my SUPER BRIDESMAID Jamie, we ran into Urban Outfitters. I love the store for all its vintage and unique pieces. I didn't buy anything because I'm on a wedding/Christmas budget; but boy did I see lots of things I loved. Browsing everything in the store sparked an inspiration of a wedding where almost everything came from Urban Outfitters. I know sounds crazy, but I bet there is a girl out there that could totally rock this look. It would work great in a vintage or low key ceremony reception site for a small wedding.
Yes, the head piece has feathers and includes a netted veil. I love all the jewelry and I actually tried on a pretty ivory embroidered dress that would be pretty for a simple spring wedding. I thought the LOVE frame would be cute for table numbers and the clutches... they are just adorable. You can also get great beauty products at Urban Outfitters, which are great for bridesmaid's gifts!

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