Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When life is changing there is a soundtrack...

In all my major life changes (which I'm only 26 so there haven't been too many) I have attend an amazing concert of classic beautiful music that touches the soul and changes it forever. Before graduating from high school my parents took me to see Andre Bocelli. It was the most touching concert I have ever been to in my life and I will never forget it. When college graduation was around the corner my mom and I went to see Sarah Brightman. I love her music and here I was again at a concert that brought tears to my eyes and changed my outlook on life... that it is beautiful, and amazing and something to be cherished. Last night I saw Sarah Brightman again with my family. The wedding is around the corner and as I sat between my mom and dad I felt so fortunate to be there and to here such beautiful music with them. I actually got chill pumbs listening to her sing the Phantom of the Opera and cried when she sang Time to Say Good Bye. A song that I realized on my way home last night was sung at every one of the concerts I have mentioned. Like a sign from God saying its time to say good bye to the past and look ahead to the beautiful future, my special song on my soundtrack of life. I hope this song will maybe touch you... I plan on having it played on my exit from the reception (since I can't afford to have a firework display to it)

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