Monday, August 4, 2008

It's More than Organization: Fun with Theme's

When most brides talk about "themes" they are usually talking about the look of the wedding. For me I have taken this a step further. For some brides with enough planning time this may work to keep you on track, and not stressed out. I have started planning my wedding by breaking down the majority of my wedding planning needs by theme. Example, this month my theme is "All Things Sweet". I will be making a decision on my bridesmaid's dresses (since my girls are so sweet to me), we will be doing cake tastings and hopefully nailing down a baker for the wedding (what is sweeter than cake?), and I should be making our reservation for our bridal suite (play on words there) and we had our engagement photo session (our pictures may turn out to be so sickening sweet you will want to gag). The idea is to focus on a few things (I would suggest a big three) but keep in mind all the little details too! Also if you finish your themed ideas early in the month you don't have to fluster your fiance or family with endless talk and research. Also doing a theme helps you focus on certain aspects and make a decision before you move on to something else, and become overwhelmed. I hope you can throw in a few themed months for your wedding planning!

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