Sunday, February 3, 2008

A charmed life

Charm braceletts are a cute and traditional gift for a flower girl or juniors bridesmaid. I think this is an espicially great idea if that role is filled by a sibling, cousin, or niece. The bride then has an option to continue to grow the bracelet over the years.

Juicy Couture has really cute charm bracelts and charms. They are avialble at high end in department stores or their website.

I also like the Troll Bead charm braclettes. They are more modern but still have a classic charm. They are more artistic and would be better for some one a little older (or some one growing up too fast!). These little beads are stacked and added to tell a story. The website offers a lot of different colors and designs so you can create a bracelet that matches the colors and look of your wedding.

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