Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pew Wee to Pew Bows

This weekend I went on the hunt to find the "Perfect" church for our wedding. I visited a beautiful church The Cathedral of Christ the King. It is magnificent and our number one option at this time for our ceremony. However while I was looking at the church (about an our before someone's wedding) I noticed the brides Pew Bows already in place. They were pointless... here is this beautiful stone church with amazing stain class windows and a breath taking alter and stupid pew bows. They were not needed and they didn't help the space at all in fact I think they cheapen the look of the ceremony. They were simple- what I like to call "funeral ribbon" (the plastic "satin" ribbon that frays at the slightest touch) and 3 pale roses. I'm sure the bride spent upwards of $500 to have these pew bows. Let the Ceremony be about YOU and your Groom. If you are getting married in a gorgeous church- let it be a gorgeous church.

Look at the picture below. In this picture the first thing you see if the beautiful ceiling of the church- next the pew bows .... they last thing you notice is the couple! Shameful!

I do have a few exception to pew bows.... I like them if you are having an outdoor wedding because they do create a continued feel of the ceremony and brings things together.

Also if you do need to disguise a not so pretty church floral arrangements placed in the church can make it look better- but that requires MORE than just pew bows.

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