Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thinking outside the registery

Being a future bride and trying to get items for a our furture home, the bridal registry is a key step in the right direction. However some guest (I'm included) feel like they are getting the bride and groom that "something special" by going of the list. So here are a few tips.
1.) Always include a reciept (even if it is something on the registry). I was so suprised that after my girlfriends wedding she ended up with 5 grill sets.
2.) Even if you plan on picking something that isn't on the registry you should still look at what the couple has picked out. Buying the bride and groom red bed sheets when they have registered for sage and cream isn't going to be the best option.
3.) Make it sentimental- I love sentimental things, so getting antique linens or china would be something special that any bride can cherish.
4.)If you aren't going with the registy; consumable gifts are another great option. Monorgammed soaps, fruit/wine of the month packages, or a collection of olive oils can be a lovely gift.

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