Friday, February 22, 2008

Engagment Party Invitations

I just love the boarding pass invitations that a lot of brides are using for destination weddings. Since I am getting married in town (currently- I'm crazy and my plans may change). I decided to make "Boarding Pass to Love" invitations for the Engagement party my sister and mom are throwing. Here are pictures- sorry they aren't very good quality. I will try to take some more and re post. My camera battery was dying.
I just used MicroSoft Word for all the printing. The Brown (Bronzed) paper and Lime Green paper are from Michaels. To make the perforations on the boarding pass we used our sewing machine, and to make the "bar codes" I used the draw feature in word and then made the lines different widths. They are so cute- the pictures don't do them justice.


Fox said...
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lulabell said...

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Mary said...

WOW! I am impressed! You used a sewing maching to make the perforations. I don't know how you even thought of that. Sarah sent me a link to your blog. She also told me about your engagement party favors. You should post a blog about that if you have pictures. They sound awesome!


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