Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wedding Zen~ Take a Break from Bridal Magazines

"It's true. You can become addicted to bridal magazines. The world portrayed in their thick, glossy pages is always perfect- the bride never has pores (let alone a blemish), the bridesmaids are all size two, and no one ever worries about money.

Even though bridal magazines can be great sources of ideas and resources, it's important to remember that the weddings they show have nothing to do with reality (even the so-called real ones). They're also vehicles for advertising. The more longing, envy, and insecurity the ads create in us, the more tempted we are to buy products that will make us and our wedding day "perfect".

It's hard not to be swept away by glorious images of brides and bouquets. But if you feel yourself experiencing Dukkha "suffering brought on by our attachments, desires, and wants", take a minute to remember what's real important.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying I have to be a size two by the time you get married?!? ;o) ;o)

lulabell said...

No of course not! ( I won't even be a size two!) I love my bridesmaids for who they are ;) Plus being a size two is what the magazines want you to think- not me!

Mary Schuman said...

Very true! Well said!


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