Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kiss the Cook- Shower Gift Idea

Need a cute shower gift that can double as a gift and a center piece. Buy or make a cooks cake!
They are easy to make.

What you need:
15 multi-purpose wash clothes
newspaper and Tissue paper
3 decorative dish towels
kitchen twine
ribbon or raffia
kitchen tools and gadgets from your local kitchen store or items selected from the bride and groom's registry
cardboard cake round

How to make
**note** I use the news paper and tissue paper as filler inside my wash clothes to add extra support to my cake.
1.)Take wash clothes and fold and half to make the width of your cake layers.
2.)Start rolling the wash clothes (like you would a jelly roll) to start to for your cake layer. Tie first wash cloth tightly with kitchen twine.
3.) Start layering and rolling wash clothes along your center roll to continue to grow out your layer to your desired with. (Bottom layer should be the same size as the cardboard cake round)Be sure to tie twine around each attentional layer of wash clothes to make sure it stays together. If you want a really big cake, just increase the number of wash clothes. (I generally use 5 on the top layer and 10 on the bottom.)
4.) Your outter layer for both the top and bottom cake layer should be your decorative dish towels.
4.) Wrap each layer twice with ribbon or raffia to give yourself a line to attach kitchen gadgets(I usually place one line or raffia on closer to the top and one closer to the bottom)
5.) Attach kitchen items with raffia or ribbon.
6.) Add a personal touch by adding personalized recipe cards with your favorite recipe.

If you don't want to make one. They are available at One of Kind Antiques and Gift in Marietta, GA!

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