Friday, April 25, 2008

Atlantan Brides- A night of Bridal Luxury

I'm so sorry I haven't posted pictures or even said anything about this event.

The Atlantan Bride Magazine hosted a "Night of Bridal Luxury" at the Mason Muere arts gallery and I was asked to help with the coordination of models and the random backstage things that pop up. (like finding a ring box, calling the wedding dress companies, finding models, and watching the backstage access). I had so much fun! I love working with Terrance Shelton (my friend and fashion show director). He is an amazing gentleman. (check him out- he sings at the Buckhead Church). Anyways back to the event. The fashion show included dresses from Wedding Angels (the ladies there are super sweet), Priscilla of Boston, and Anne Barge. Being in the process of planning my wedding it was like a candy shop back stage for me! I just looked at all the BEAUTIFUL dresses and wished I had the thousands of $$$ it would take to buy them. Poor me! Also at the event was Infinite Designs, who did lighting and staging, Legendary event catering, bakers man, and many more. Guest were some of the bridal elite of Atlanta and some of the best wedding planners/catering managers in the state. Even Brian from the 4 seasons was there- he is a sweet heart! Here are some pictures from the party! (sorry that I don't have more my camera died, but as soon as my new friend I made uploads her pictures I will add a second helping!)

I fell in love with this hydragean bouquet. It really stood out against the white wedding gowns.

Close up of one of the center peices
The ghost table- just kidding! It did seem to float with the table lit up and the sheer chair covers.
Some other floral arrangements and table settings...
Orchids for the Brides
Now for the Gowns!!!
Priscilla or Boston (all above)
This was my favorite dress...
Yes this is a grey dress and it was stunning..
Wedding Angels
Last but not least... the SWAG bag. It had a ton of stuff in it and was valued at $3000! It had free hair appointments, $1000 off catering, chocolate, a garter, soap, a vase... and the list goes on!

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