Thursday, April 10, 2008

Because My Life is Random

A few weeks ago I was asked by a friend to help him with a Fashion Show. We have worked on numerous charity fashion shows and events over the past four years so with all my heart I said yes. He didn't give me any information on the event when he asked, but I was assuming it would be a business related fashion show, for either a new fashion designer in the city or club/restaurant, maybe even a luxury car dealership (We are Atlanta and given any reason to have a fashion show we will throw one.) This afternoon before running out to lunch I got an email from my friend in regards to the show this weekend and I'm soooooo excited! Its a Bridal Gown Fashion show!!! Its for the Atlantan Bride and here is the info....

The Atlantan Brides Evening of Bridal Luxury April 13
BUY TICKETS NOW. You've been up to your elbows in flowers, photographers and reception decisions, and you deserve a break. Treat yourself to a night of food, drinks and pampering, and pick up a few gown ideas from our fabulous runway show while you’re at it. April 13

I can't wait!

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