Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Bride- Bride's Maids!

A lot of brides say that the bridesmaid's dress can be worn again, but any girl that has seen "27 Dresses" knows better. If you really want to take a green approach to the bridesmaids dresses avoid the bridal salons and go for the department stores cocktail dress section. The green approach is not wasting the money and resources for a one time wear only dress.

Scheduling a bridal party get together at the local Macy's or other department store to find a dress for everyone, then having drinks after can be a lot of fun. Also allowing your bride's maids to pick the dress that they feel comfortable in and that they can see wearing again helps save them money and the agony of wearing hot pink taffeta from their neck to their toes.

Check out these dresses, all the same color but different styles for all body types and budgets!

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